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Type of CropDilutionRecommended Application Frequency
Leafy vegetables, cabbage, lettuce.1:400 (1/3 oz./ Gal.) Foliar Applications 7-21 days or as needed
Root Drench Applications 7-21 days or as needed
Carrot, cucumber, onion, mango, potato, tobacco, green bean, garlic, egg plant, corn, flowers, peppers, celery and rice. 1:300 (1/2 oz./ Gal.)
Strawberries, grapes, pepper, honeydew, broccolli, cauliflower, squash, tomatoes and all fruit trees. 1:200 (2/3 oz. / Gal.)
Grass Turf and Pre-germination Seed Treatment 1:100 (1 1/2 oz. / Gal.)

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