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Organic Klean is a unique commercial and household cleaning product. Highly economical, it is designed for use in hotels, restaurants, fast food outlets, catering establishments,schools, hospitals, office areas, factories, homes, or any facilities that require high standards of hygene.

Organic Klean is a new non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning concentrate that is derived from botanical extracts. Organic Klean provides a safe and effective alternative to many traditional cleaners that are potentially hazardous to the ecosystem and human health. This industrial strength product is based upon variations of the same non-toxic, plant-based forumulation as used in our complete line of botanical based products.

Organic Klean cleans, deodorizes, degreases and decarbonizes without the harsh odors of chemical based cleaners. Organic Klean is a highly economical concentrate which can be diluted up to 75 times. It is low sudsing and features a self penetrating cleaning action which will continue to clean even after the mop or cloth is heavily soiled. When mixed in recommended dilutions, it is safe for use on walls, hardwood floors, clothes, and even your pets. It leaves a pleasant and fragrant pine scent.

Organic Klean

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